The creation of the secret group Pantsuit Nation generated one of the most prolific and organic movements in modern history. The group quickly grew into more than just a place of support – it grew into a place for action and for change. Thousands of people joined Pantsuit Nation of WNY looking for the answer to the question “What do we do now?”

A small group of people in Rochester put together a meeting where attendees answered that very question. We determined that we will make change by acting as a hub for progressive causes and political action in the Greater Rochester area. We will also provide education and training for members who are ready to get involved-possibly for the first time- but need the tools to do so.  

In the meantime, Pantsuit Nation began the process of formalizing their movement. They made the decision to focus on storytelling as their agent of change; and because of their non-profit status will not be associated with political action. While our members are still strongly encouraged to stay involved with Pantsuit Nation, we knew this wasn’t the direction we were headed. We decided to join an emerging network of political activists.  

We are here to band together, to learn from each other, to assist where needed and to change the landscape of our future. We are stronger together and we are Action Together Rochester.



We are the Power of our Network. We invite everyone with a desire to see their world become a more inclusive, progressive, and respectful place to consider becoming a member. Joining Action Together Rochester as a member means that you will receive communication with information and updates on progressive calls to action, events, and volunteer opportunities going on in Rochester. You can select what you participate in based on your availability and interests.

You can sign up to be a member by joining our mailing list below.

If you are interested in getting more involved, we will roll out our official operating model for the Action Together Rochester Committee in January. The model is still being finalized but will need committee members with a variety of skills, interests, and commitment levels.  

For more information, please contact us.

We fight for racial justice and progressive causes through collaboration, education, and advocacy in our community.

Our community embraces equity, respect and democratic ideals.


    • Courage: We relentlessly challenge policies, positions and voices that run contrary to our mission and vision. We are brave and confident enough to have uncomfortable conversations, which break down barriers by focusing on policy, not politics. We stand up to fear and hate—in a peaceful, productive and non-violent way.


  • Agility: We are nimble, flexible and adaptable. We thrive in a fast-paced, changing environment. We work as fast as we can, but as slow as needed in order to deliver on our mission.
  • Respect: We value the perspectives of all voices in our community—even those with different viewpoints. We build collaborative relationships based on trust and respect. We act with integrity in all we do. We encourage constructive dialogue, and are committed to active listening.
  • Truth: We take the time to educate ourselves on all sides of policy ramifications. We operate with transparency, and are dedicated to seeking the truth. We use our relentless commitment to fact-based research as the basis to fight for justice for all, and to support responsible journalism.
  • Diversity: We want a membership reflective of our diverse community. We are steadfast in working to bring varying backgrounds and experiences together. We are committed to making all decisions through a lens that may be different from our own.
  • Inclusion: We work to be accessible to all in our community. We collaborate internally as well as with the other community-based organizations and agencies that believe in our mission.