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Stop Kavanaugh – Walkout at RIT

October 4, 2018 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Brett Kavanaugh has been nominated to the vacant seat on the Supreme Court Bench amidst a series of allegations of sexual misconduct. Despite disregarding Dr. Ford’s testimony, blatant lies in Kavanaugh’s testimony, a lack of a serious investigation in to Kavanaugh’s behavior, and his unhinged performance at the Senate Judiciary hearing, senate republicans attempted to confirm Kavanaugh for a final vote by the entire senate. With a party line 11-10 vote, the final confirmation vote was delayed for a week pending an FBI investigation.

This gives us less than 1 week to make sure that our peers, fellow Americans, and our representatives know that we stand against this flagrant disregard for a survivor’s story and due process. One of the few means all people have to give an impactful demonstration is through a walkout. At 4:00 PM on Thursday we will be joining a nation-wide walkout where people will leave their jobs, classes, and domestic duties to make our voices heard, and in the process guarantee that the voices of sexual assault survivor’s are taken seriously.

After walking out we will be meeting at the Sentinel at the middle of RIT’s campus in front of the SAU. We encourage sexual assault survivors and disgruntled people to share their stories and vent their frustrations.

Join us on RIT’s campus to stand in solidarity against sexual assault and the war on reproductive justice!


October 4, 2018
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm