Stand with the Gay Alliance in Support of Trans Youth

Join Action Together Rochester in standing with the Gay Alliance in supporting Trans Youth at the School of the Arts located at 45 Prince Street Rochester.

We will stand together in outrage and solidarity to send a strong message to the Trump Administration that rolling back protections for transgender students, introduced by the Obama Administration, is unacceptable. The intent of this crucial protection was meant to ensure that transgender students are treated fairly and with dignity in public and federally-funded schools, including having equal access to facilities, such as restrooms and locker rooms, having their names and pronouns respected and having their privacy preserved.

We urge the entire Rochester LGBTQ community and our Allies to come together, sending a clear message that we refuse to stand for anything less than full protection of transgender students’ rights. We will remain steadfast in our demand for equality.

Free parking is located in the Auditorium Theater Parking lot